News 2009-2012

01/09/2012 ___________________________________________
Betws Blodwen joins us at Deucoch! I have admired Blodwen for many years and thrilled that she is finally here.
Heartfelt thanks to Danielle, Eloise and all at Delami stud, for letting us have her. More details on the mares page.
01/09/2012 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Una is doing well for her owner Victoria Bunting. 1st 2/3 year old fillies at Orsett Show and reserve youngstock champion. Well done!
04/06/2012 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Cerys 5th Gwynedd breeders Assoc show.
07/05/2012 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Cerys 4th yearling filly class at Light horse & pony show, Anglesey.
12/03/2012 ___________________________________________
Updated picture of the beautiful section D mare Deucoch Rhyddem (aka Bronwen) with her new owner Laura Higgs has been added to Deucoch Rhyddem's page. At their first show, they brought home 3rd and 4th prizes. Best of luck with her for the future Laura and we look forward to hearing how she gets on.
15/01/2012 ___________________________________________
Picture has been added to Deucoch Elgan's page with his new family on Christmas day. Hoping Isabelle and Amber have many years of fun growing up with him.
19/11/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Cerys 3rd in the filly foal class at Ynys Mon association show.
23/10/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Elgan has left for his new home. Wishing his new owners all the best with him.
17/10/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Pedro has left for his new home. Wishing his new owner all the best with him.
20/08/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Eos 2nd 2 year old filly & gelding class at Llanrwst show.
02/07/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Eos 2nd in the 2/3 year old filly class. Deucoch Nanw 3rd in the yearling filly class at the North Wales Show.
13/05/2011 ___________________________________________
Third & final foal has arrived (on Friday the 13th). Lovely chestnut colt, Deucoch Pedrog out of homebred mare Deucoch Mirain.
27/04/2011 ___________________________________________
Two of our 2011 foals by Menai Motivation have arrived today! Nerwyn Lieta has had a big strong chestnut colt, Deucoch Elgan. Llannor Peggy has had a very striking sabino chestnut filly, Deucoch Cerys. Pictures on foals page. Deucoch Mirain is still left to foal.
24/01/2011 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Una has left for her new home today. Wishing her new owners all the best for the future with her.
16/01/2010 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Deio is bringing home the ribbons for his new owner already. At his first ever show, he gained a 1st, 3rd and reserve champion. Well done all.
23/11/2010 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Deio has left for his new home. Wishing his new owner all the best with him.
23/10/2010 ___________________________________________
Nerwyn Lilian has returned home to Nerwyn Stud after spending a few years here on lease. She gave us three beautiful foals, two colts Deucoch Llew Aur & Deucoch Taliesin by Nerwyn Gawain and the very beautiful filly Deucoch Nanw, by Menai Motivation. Huge thanks to the Jones Family at Nerwyn stud, for entrusting us with Lilian, a beautiful mare inside and out, she will be greatly missed.
01/09/2010 ___________________________________________
Menai Motivation has returned home to the Llanfrechfa Stud. Many thanks to the Coulthard family for letting us have the lovely 'Sunny' on his working holiday once again.
25/08/2010 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Eos. 5th in the yearling fillies at Meirionedd County Show.
18/08/2010 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Eos. 4th in the yearling fillies at Anglesey County Show.
06/05/2010 ___________________________________________
Llannor Peggy has had a lovely black colt foal by Menai Motivation, Deucoch Deio.
03/05/2010 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Eos, 2nd in Lleyn & dirstrict Show.
17/04/2010 ___________________________________________
Second foal of 2010 has a arrived! A lovely chestnut to go grey filly, Deucoch Una, out of Nerwyn Lieta and by Menai Motivation
13/04/2010 ___________________________________________
First foal of 2010 has arrived! A delightful filly, Deucoch Nanw, out of Nerwyn Lilian and out of Menai Motivation.
24/10/2009 ___________________________________________
It's been a busy week! Fristly, Branwen Mai, our welsh section D mare, has returned from being on lease to the Rowlands family.
Deucoch Lois is away 'at school' beginning her ridden education. And lastly, Deucoch Taliesin and Deucoch Madryn have left for their new homes today. Wishing their new owners all the best with them.
11/10/2009 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Dewin has left for his new home today. Wishing his new owners every success with him.
10/10/2009 ___________________________________________
Deucoch Pernod has left for his new home in Glasgow. Wishing his new owners all the best with him for the future.
26/08/2009 ___________________________________________
Meirioneth County Show - Nerwyn Lieta 1st in the broodmare class and Deucoch Eos 4th in the foal class. Thank you Lowri for showing Eos.
26/06/2009 ___________________________________________
Ynys Mon Association summer show. Deucoch Mirain 2nd in the broodmares class, Deucoch Pernod 3rd in the foal class.
20/06/2009 ___________________________________________
Llanerchymedd show - Deucoch Mirain 1st broodmare and champion section A winning the wpcs bronze medal! Deucoch Pernod 2nd in the foal class.
13/06/2009 ___________________________________________
Aberystwyth show - Deucoch Mirain 4th and Deucoch Pernod 3rd.
05/05/2009 ___________________________________________
The final two foals for 2009 have arrived! Llannor Peggy had a smart black colt by Croniarth Texas Gold in the afternoon, first section C for Deucoch. Not be outdone, Deucoch Mirain thought she had better foal too (at 11 months and 25 days!) and had a palomino colt by Nerwyn Gawain in the evening! Details on foals page. Some of the 2009 foals will be for sale. For further information contact
21/04/2009 ___________________________________________
The second foal for Deucoch has finally arrived! Nerwyn Lieta has foaled a lovely big filly, details of Deucoch Eos on foals Page.
17/04/2009 ___________________________________________
First foal of 2009 has arrived. Nerwyn Lilian has had a lovely colt foal by Nerwyn Gawain. Deucoch Taliesin's details are on the foals page.
25/01/2009 ___________________________________________
We are pleased to be having the stunning stallion Menai Motivation joining us for the 2009 season on lease, by Kind permission of the Coulthard Family, Llanfrechfa Stud. His photo and pedigree on the stallion page.
We are also delighted to be welcoming a new mare into the gang. Llannor Peggy. Her details are on the mares & fillies page.

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